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9th Folk and Traditional Music Festival ETHNIESY 2022

Poster by
Hanna Cieślak

Bring me water

Our slogan this year does not refer to the glass of water that our children are to give usin our old age.  It is more about these children themselves being able to use the highest good that the Earth gives us, safely and for free. Water soothes, gives life, our life begins in water. We are talking about the beginning because the time of the festival itself is the beginning of Spring. The moment right after burial and just before birth. The birth of Spring. We want clean rivers, lakes and seas. We want to restore the flow of rivers. To look into its hidden current and hear its whisper. We want to speak a little quieter, not to feel the eternal thirst. We want to be able to quench it with a glass of water, which we will have the strength to pour ourselves.