The idea

Early spring. The time when winter fades into oblivion. The time when the dead transform into the the living, new and vibrant. After a period of cold emptiness the earth becomes warmer and ready for the richness that lurks around the corner; eager to adopt the new.

For the last eight years, each early spring, Ethniesy festival has used folk music to awaken our city.

We invite you to experience the rite, ritual and ceremony. Since song is a form of art that is fundamental to us, we choose to welcome in spring by singing. We love stories passed on from mouth to mouth, from great-grandmother to grandmother, and so on. We wonder: what has been left to us? What is in us? What do we not know?

Ethniesy is a festival that offers a chance to discover the undiscovered within. And for the last two years it has also been an occasion to get to know other traditions, talk about them, and intertwine with them.

The Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz hosting the Ethniesy festival is proud to have presented the amazing and invigorating performances by a plethora of remarkable artists: 5’nizza (Piatnica), Dakha Brakha, Gulaza, Księżyc, Adam Strug, Babadag, Tołhaje, Libelid, Beriozkele, Tęgie Chłopy, Lautari, Maniucha and Ksawery, Żywizna, Niewte, Wowakin Trio, Kapela Maliszów and others.

Please come along to our festival and discover the music of the world!