The idea


Ethniesy. International Folk and Traditional Music Festival. For years, we have called it our “festival of Love”. This is the time when devotees of world music, the source seekers and life lovers come to visit us. This is the time when we are together to listen, watch, have fun and to simply be. We absorb every moment and every word, starved of each other after winter sleep. We savor and fill up before spring time and a new life come. This year, the theme of our festival is “Love”. During its 10th jubilee edition, we would like to celebrate, emphasize and enjoy the nature of Love – this feeling we consider a driving force behind any action. Without this value, there is no music, no art, no relationships. Let Love travel over the fields, the meadows and the woods. Let it scream in aflowing creek and whisper in a gentle breeze. Be Love.  

The Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz hosting the Ethniesy festival is proud to have presented the amazing and invigorating performances by a plethora of remarkable artists: 5’nizza(Piatnica), Dakha Brakha, Gulaza, Księżyc, Adam Strug, Babadag, Tołhaje, Libelid, Beriozkele, Tęgie Chłopy, Lautari, Maniucha and Ksawery, Żywizna, Niewte, Wowakin Trio, Kapela Maliszów, Marala, Matthew Halsall, Yegor Zabelov and others.

The festival has been organized in the Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz since 2012. Its creator and coordinator is Dominika Kiss-Orska.