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8th Folk and Traditional Music Festival ETHNIESY 2021

This unique, pandemic time has been going on for so long that you sometimes get the impression that it has always been so. That we have always wear masks, we don’t meet, we don’t hug each other. We don’t go to concerts. On the other hand, we are tightening ties in our nuclear families, we are looking for alternative solutions for spending free time, we have moved to nature. We have given our voice to nature. It has become our culture. Our festival – Ethniesy – will be held for the eighth time this year. It is a postponed event, an afterimage of last year, more modest, due to restrictions, but very much anticipated and loved. We will invite you to listen to and see bands that speak the language of nature. Which these nature represent. Stay with us. Let’s wake up and start spring together. Spring is life, may life prevail this year. We wish you a lot of health and love. And enjoy meeting us!

Poster by
Hanna Cieślak