'Hańba!’ is a fictional musical story of characters denouncing evil of the ‘30s and ‘40s reality: hate, social inequalities, militarism, chauvinism, anti-Semitism.

They are supported by poets (more well-known – like Tuwim, Broniewski, and less well-known – like Szenwald, Szymański, Ginczanka, Wittlin) and their backyard instruments.  

On their recent album, the band wandered into the area of alternative history by Ziemowit Szczerk, where the Republic of Poland, winning, became a hegemon of Central Europe. The post-war reality is sadly different than the Sanation propaganda promised. Poverty, crisis and deficiencies became the main themes of Hańba!’s new songs, soon to be published on Hańba!’s new album.  

In 2018, the band received the prestigious Paszport Polityki Award “for literary-musical political reconstruction resulting with a surprising refreshment of folk and punk formula, in the same time accurately picturing present political conflicts and dangers”. Hańba! also won Grzegorz Ciechowski Award (2017) and Czesław Niemen Award (Festival Nowa Tradycja 2014).

Zbuntowana Orkiestra Podwórkowa performed at such events as: ∙ Paaspop (Schijndel, Holland 2022) ∙ MONA FOMA (Lauceston, Australia 2019) ∙ Primavera Festival (Barcelona2017) ∙ Opener Festival (Gdynia 2017) ∙ OFF Festival (Katowice 2018, 2015) ∙ Rudolstadt Festival (2018) ∙ WOMAD Festival (Malmesbury 2018) ∙ WOMEX Festival (Katowice 2017) ∙ SXSW (Austin, USA 2017) ∙ Colours of Ostrava (Ostrava 2017) ∙ Pohoda Festival (Trenczyn 2016). They have also played concerts in clubs in USA, Australia, Spain, Czech Republic i Slovakia (Czechoslovakia), Germany, Denmark and Holland, and – obviously – more or less well-known corners of the Republic of Poland.

Hańba!’s members are:

Andrzej Zamenhof – banjo, bass banjo,vocal

Tadeusz Król - accordion, clarinet,tenor saxophone

Antoni Skwarło – drum, accordion

Ignacy Woland - tuba, saxhorn, vocal

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