Biologist, professor of forest sciences, popularizer of science. Known primarily for her activism in preserving the remnants of Poland's natural ecosystems.

"Simona", dir. Natalia Koryncka - Gruz, PL, 92'

She was the daughter of Jerzy Kossak, granddaughter of Wojciech and great-granddaughter of Juliusz - three battle painters passionate about horses, native landscape and Polish history. She was also the niece of poet Maria Pawlikowska Jasnorzewska and writer Magdalena Samozwaniec. Her maternal grandmother was Zofia Kossak-Szczucka, author of historical novels.

Who was Simona Kossak really - a legendary explorer who lived surrounded by animals in the Bialowieza Forest? The world is fascinated by the story of Jane Goodall, meanwhile Simona is an equally complex and interesting character. Why did she run away from her family - the famous Kossak family? What was life like for Poland's first eco-activist in the 1970s? Unique photos and recordings from the archives of Simona and her partner Lech Wilczek,often presented for the first time in the film, transport us to the ancient Forest and allow us to experience a unique life away from civilization.


Natalia Koryncka - Gruz. Director, screenwriter, producer.

Graduate of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw and Directing at PWSFTviT in Lodz. For her short feature film "1-1" she won many awards at home and abroad, including in Turin, Bilbao, Oberhausen and Munich. She is a member of the Polish Film Academy, the Polish Directors Guild, SFP and KIPA.

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