The Radical Pomeranian Orchestra was established in Gdansk through the cooperation of the Baltic Sea Cultural Center and the Radical Polish Culture Festival.

The Radical Pomeranian Orchestra is made up of musicians with ties to Pomerania - Marcin Dymiter, Emil Miszk, Jakub Klemensiewicz and Michał Bieżuński, as well as exploring music related to the mazurka idiom - the Radical Polish Ansambl ensemble. The enormous instrumental and stylistic potential behind this combination of personalities allows them to rework and reinterpret source musical themes and create a distinct mode of expression -one that is up-to-date and captures the performers' emotional ties to their chosen repertoire. The musicians freely juggle musical styles to tell a very personal story about how multifaceted each "local" is.

During the concert we will hear original themes and melodies from Pomerania, referring to the musical heritage of the region. Performance techniques, distinctive instrumentation, field recordings and electronics are a radical concoction, whose presence on stage uniquely introduces the listener to the mood and atmosphere of the seascape.

Band composition:

Maniucha Bikont - vocals, tuba

Emilia Bolibrzuch - violin

Lucja Siedlik - violin

Maria Stępień - violin

Maciej Filipczuk - violin

Marcin Lorenc - violin

Piotr Gwadera - jazz

Marcin Dymiter - electronics

Emil Miszk - trumpet

Michał Bieżuński - tuba

Jakub Klemensiewicz - clarinet, saxophones, devil's violin

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