The Nicponie band was founded by musicians and musicians who were unfortunate enough to live without concerts during the pandemic.

So they packed up their instruments and headed for the bazaars and streets to play the capital's hits, but also tunes that are widely known and loved. In the so-called meantime, the Nicponians managed to play at the Grzesiuk Festival in Warsaw, Uliczka Tradycji in Radom, and even won an honorable mention at the Festival of Backyard Bands in Piotrkow Trybunalski. They have immortalized more than a dozen special events with their performance, from birthdays to pempkowe, hen parties to weddings and programs on TVP Kultura.


Nicponies are:

Grzegorz Domański - banjola

Patryk Walczak - accordion

Łukasz Owczynnikow - double bass

Mateusz Kowalski - tarka/mandolin

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