Lazy Bones is the new DJ project of Kozber and Drakos. This musical duo was formed on the east bank of the Thames out of a pure love of music from all corners of the world.

The men began playing and organizing parties together in various secret locations in East London. Their joint sets, which last for hours, are perfectly complemented by a delectable musical selection oscillating between afro funk, disco groove through East Asian or Caribbean rhythms. Lazy Bones can be heard regularly on the radio program ''Fear of Music'' on Netil Radio and at resident venues scattered around East London. Drakos and Kozber will arrive in Bydgoszcz for the Ethniesy festival with a bag full of vinyl gems collected and brought from various corners of the world. Kozber has had the pleasure of playing many times at festival after-parties so he knows the feel of the Ethniesy audience well. Together with fresh energetic digger Drakos they will guarantee a fantastic musical experience. Two nights of the After party will be filled with folk-ethnic rhythms dressed in funk, disco, boogie, tribal and eclectic house.

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