Kirszenbaum is like Wyspiański on mephedrone. They revive post-folk ashes and set fresh directions, running them through their loopers or confronting Tom Waits and Junip with a Slavic bang.

Kirszenbaum is a project by Kacper Szpyrka (philosopher, bookseller and violinist who recorded with, among others, HellHaven and Morświn) and Jakub Wiśniewski (English language specialist, guitar player and technical writer). Before debuting with „Stypa komedianta” (Karrot Kommando,2019), an album recorded in cooperation with Polish Radio Centre for Folk Culture, Kirszenbaum self-released a few tracks and EP „Golem XV” accompanied by film collages.

Kirszenbaum played over 130 concerts in Poland, Czech Republic,Germany and Slovakia, participating in such festivals as: Festival Synestezje 2017 (1st Prize), Green Zoo Festival 2018, Festival Nowa Tradycja 2018 (3rd Prize), Silent Film Festival 2019, Stacja Literatura 2021, 42. Stage Song Review Fusion Festival 2022 Festival Club, Pol’and’Rock Festival 2022, Festival Parzybroda 2022.


“Golem XV” (EP, 2018)

“Stypa komedianta” (Karrot Kommando, 2019)

“Się” (Karrot Kommando, 2021)

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