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7th Traditional and Folk Music Festival ETHNIESY 2019

At the turn of winter and spring, we invite you to meet the rite, ritual and ceremony. For the seventh time in a row together we will make change from cold to warm, quiet to loud, dead to alive. We will welcome spring with singing. This year the song will be the most important. Word, text and history. Transmitted from mouth to mouth, from great-grandmother to grandmother and so on. What left from it? What is inside us? What do we not know about? Ethniesy is an opportunity to discover what is undiscovered in us. Adam Strug will prepare us for this, with whom we will meet every day during singing workshops and Piotr Zgorzelski and Bogumila Zgorzelska, who will teach us how to dance a mazurka.

The bands that we will hear in this order will support and enchant: Kust, Babadag, KAKOFOnikt and the Canto Cantare choir, WoWaKin Trio, Janusz Prusinowski Kompania, Gulaza, Kapela Timingeriu and 5nizza.

We invite you to an extraordinary workshop inspired by the book Etnogadki, stories about ancient rites and customs. At the end of the festival we will show the performance Master Manole, a beautiful Romanian legend.

Poster by
Hanna Cieślak